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Bead Making Kit Class Pack

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Item# CP63210

Product Description

No kiln needed to make glass beads! Flameworking is an amazing art in which glass beads are shaped directly in a flame. One of our best selling class packs, it has everything students will need to begin making their own gorgeous glass beads. Flamework beads are made using 104COE glass rods which are warmed then shaped in the flame on a mandrel. This kit opens up a fascinating and ancient art form to students (This class pack was design for students to work in teams of two for a total of 10 student activities).

Grade Level: High School
Makes: N/A
Contains: 5 Torch Heads, 3 - 12pc Mandrel Sets, 3 - 8 OZ Bead Release, 5 Fiber Blankets, 5 - 2pc Shaping Mavers, 5 Mandrel Scrubbers, 5 Gas Tank Holders, 5 Heat Resistant Work Surfaces, 3-15pc 104COE Glass Rod Set and 10 Instructions Booklets

Product Specifications

Package Dimensions: N/A
Weight: 56.63 lbs
UPC: 79436663210-3

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