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Interchangeable Marver Holder With Magnetic Plate


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Item# 801140

Product Description

An ideal way to customize your flameworking tools to perfectly fit your particular needs. Choosing your components has never been easier!


  1. Choose a marvering head that best suit your flameworking needs.
  2. Choose a handle: handheld or hands-free pedestal style.
  3. Choose a pedestal: angled or flat.

The Marver Holder measures 5 1/4" long and is composed of two magnets above and below the holder for mounting Magnetic Plates. Equipped with one 2" x 6" plate, the holder can be used in conjunction with either the Flat Top Magnetic Pedestal or Hand Stabilizer for hands-free marvering.

PLEASE NOTE: Bearfoot Tools by Studio Pro have a two week lead time from the date in which the order is placed. Tools will be shipped separately when ordered with other Diamond Tech products. 

Product Specifications

Package Dimensions: N/A
Weight: 10.08 ounces
UPC: 79436681140-9