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Coral Glass Bead Project Guide

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  • Coral Glass Bead
  • Free Beadmaking Project Guid

Product Description

Materials Needed:
• Moretti Glass Rods: black, white & orange
• Black and White Stringers
• Bead Press
• Stainless Steel Tweezers
• 1 Fireworks Beginner Beadmaking Kit
• Protective eyewear
• Mandrels coated in bead release

Step 1: To form a base bead, heat an orange rod until a 1/2" ball of glass forms, apply glass to a warmed mandrel. When thoroughly heated, place bead between the paddles of a bead press and gently squeeze to form a ¼” disk. (FIG. 1)

Step 2: Using a black stringer, apply three horizontal stripes around the body of the fish. Next, apply a white stringer, on top of the black stringer. Heat until the striped area is smooth, trying not to loose its initial shape. If necessary, heat one side at a time and use a graphite paddle to keep flat. (FIG. 2)

Step 3: To create the top and bottom fins, heat an orange rod until a small ball forms. Apply two vertical layers of glass, one on top of the other on the upper portion of the bead. Repeat this process on the lower portion of the bead making sure the lower fin is shorter than the top fin. NOTE: Keep the entire bead hot as you work.

Step 4: To apply the side and rear fins, continue to warm an orange rod in the flame until a pea-sized ball forms. Place glass at the center right rear of the fish and a second smaller ball in the center of the bead. Repeat process on the left side. (FIG. 3).

Step 5: Direct flame to each orange ball of glass and heat until soft, using tweezers, pinch glass to create fins. (FIG. 4). NOTE: Keep the entire bead hot as you work.

Step 6: Using a white stringer, apply two dots on either side of Coral’s head. These will be the eyes. Using a black stringer, dot each eye. Heat the eyes until black and white dots are slightly blended, but still retain shape.

Step 7: To make the lips, heat and place a horizontal strip of orange glass around mouth area opposite tail fins. Using a bead rake, pull out the corners of the mouth. (FIG. 5). Step 8: Fire-anneal your bead by heating and allowing it to cool in the outer regions of the flame for a few seconds. Repeat several times then carefully place the bead in the fiber blanket to cool. If available, anneal in a bead kiln.