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Remember When Krafty Blok Free Project Guide

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  • Free KraftyBlok Project Guide
  • Tip: Read all of the KraftyBlok Image Art™ instructions before starting your project.
  • Tip: This project requires the use of a laser printer, not an inkjet.

Product Description

KraftyBlok™ Mini
KraftyBlok™ Image Art Paper
Small Pieces of jewelry, keys, bottle caps, charms, vintage belt buckle, small squares of mirror. Found treasures to use as components. Keep with similar color themes and genres.
20” each of 2” and ½” Coordinating Ribbon
Wooden Candle Cup 1 5/8” – 4 (feet)
Gold Spray Paint
Gold Glitter and white or spray glue– optional
Hot Glue Gun
Basic Supplies
Paper Towels
Bowl for water
1. Find your picture and copy it to any software on your computer that allows you to manipulate and print images. Change the color setting to sepia. Size the picture to 2” X 6”. Cut the image into three 2” X 2” squares. If you have bottle caps, a locket or simply an area you wish to add an additional photo. Measure the area and print similar images to size to accent the larger image.
2. Set up your printer per the instructions on the KraftyBlok™ Image Art packaging.
3. Follow printers’ instructions and print transfer. Allow paper to set 10 to 15 minutes to dry.
4. Measure and cut three 1 7/8” X 1 7/8” squares of white sheet glass. For glass, cutting instructions visit our “Creative Corner” at Clean the glass with water and a clean lint free cloth.
5. Place one of the three transfers in a bowl of water and wait approximately 30 seconds.
6. On one of the glass squares, line up one of the Image Art transfers. Take care when sliding the image as they are delicate and can tear. The image is slightly larger than the glass, which allows the image to be wrapped over the edge of the glass square. Gently slide the Image Art transfer from the backing paper onto the surface using a finger to smooth the decal as you peel away from the backing paper.
7. Gently pat and smooth the Image Art transfer from the center out with a moist paper towel eliminating any air pockets and wrinkles. Repeat steps 6 and 7 on the two remaining white pieces of glass.
8. Allow to dry overnight.
9. Once dry make the decals more scratch resistant by preheating an oven to 345°F. Place 3 pieces of glass on an oven safe rack or baking sheet with the decal facing up. Bake for 15 minutes. Turn off oven. Prop door open slightly and leave in the oven for 20 minutes. Remove with heat safe oven mitts or pad. 
10. Set the KraftyBlok™ with the opening facing up on the work surface. Fold one end of the one inch ribbon under ½” and glue it next to the opening. Wrap the ribbon around the block and fold the remaining end under ½” and glue it next to the opening. Repeat this process with the ½” ribbon over the 1” ribbon.
11. Using E6000®, glue a vintage belt bucket over the opening.
12. Use the photo for inspiration; glue the white glass with the images down the middle of the KraftyBlok™. Continue to embellish the face of the KraftyBlok™ until the desired look has been reached.
13. Spray paint the wooden candle cups gold and allow to dry. Use E6000® to glue the feet to the bottom of the KraftyBlok™.