Mosaic Butterfly Feeder Kit

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Item# K1301


  • Will not crack in the snow or fade in the sun.
  • Combines nature and art.
  • Tumbled glass has smooth edges – great for kids.
  • One 2pc reusable feeder mold
  • Tumbled glass & glass butterflies
  • White cement, sand and instructions.

Product Description

Create 'n' Learn
There is nothing quite like a garden filled with butterflies. Attract these winged beauties with this sand-and-water feeder, designed to hold on to natural minerals after the water evaporates.
Its shallow well holds sand and salt along with water. When the water evaporates butterflies are attracted to the minerals left behind from the hard water and salt. Once butterflies know where they can find these minerals, they will return regularly. Place overripe fruit on the rim of the feeder to allure butterflies. Place it in your outdoor space and transform it into an enchanted butterfly garden.

Product Specifications

Package Dimensions: 9in W x 9in L x 2in D
Weight: 3.4 pounds
UPC: 79436601301-8

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