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Butterfly Feeder Class Pack

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Item# CP24006

Product Description

A lesson that combines science and art in one. From an art perspective, students will learn the mosaic technique used in dalle de verre. On the science side, students will study images and learn about the habitats and behaviors of butterflies through teacher-guided activities in the content of science and nature, as they create a usable butterfly feeder (puddler). Molds in class packs are reusable.

Grade Level: Elementary and Junior High
Makes: 6
Contains: 6 - 2 Piece Reusable Molds, 10 LB Jennifer’s Mosaics Outdoor Cement, 20 Oz Tumbled Glass, 1.3 LB Sand and Instructions.

Product Specifications

Package Dimensions: N/A
Weight: 16.71 lbs
UPC: 79436624006-3

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