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Studio Pro Tool Caddy

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Item# 856050


  • Hard plastic tool caddy with multiple sized storage compartments for a variety of hand tools.
  • Foil storage compartments with tear blade; holds 4 rolls of foil upright to reduce tangled spools.
  • Large deep compartment for solder and flux with detachable flux brush and holder for mess-free storage.
  • Heavy cooper plated iron coiled cage prevents hot soldering iron from touching the work surface and protects hands and nearby objects.
  • Convenient sponge and sponge-well allows for quick and easy cleaning of soldering iron tip during use.
  • “Pull-up” handles on both sides of caddy makes for easy transportation. Retract down and out of the way when not in use.

Product Description

Custom-made tool caddy designed for organizing, storing and transporting stained glass tools and accessories. Made with high density ABS plastics, this caddy has deep compartments to safely house tools, supplies and loose parts. Comfort grip handle for easy lifting. Measures 14-1/4L x 6-1/4W x 3-3/4H (unassembled).

Product Specifications

Package Dimensions: 6.25 in W x 14.25 in L x 3.75 in H
Weight: 1.88 lbs
UPC: 79436685605-9

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