3/4" Denim Mix Venetian 16 Oz

MSRP $8.25
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  • Each tile measures 20 mm square (3/4" x 3/4" x 1/8")
  • Approximately 225 tiles per square foot
  • 1 lb of tile covers approximately 90 square inches
  • Approximately 140 tiles per pound
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Durable, strong and beautiful, Venetian glass tiles have a smooth front and textured back for a better adhesive grip. Miter beveled edges provide for perfect angled corners. Square tiles measure 3/4" and are about 1/8" thick. Color Combination: Slate, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Blue.
Package Dimensions: Bulk not packaged for retail
Weight: 16 ounces
UPC: 79436603326-9

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