Polka Dotted Vase

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Generation Green Bottle Cutter


DESIGNED BY: Andy Spencer
SKILL LEVEL: (Adult 1-5: 1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult) 1

→PROJECT TIP: · Always, wear safety goggles when using glass-crafting tools. Everyday eyeglasses have only impact resistant lenses. · To ensure top performance keep your bottle cutter blade oiled.

INSTRUCTIONS: Read and carefully following the instructions contained within the Generation Green (g2 ) bottle cutter manual.

1. Cover the work area with craft or newspaper.
2. Measure 4” up from the bottom of a .75 liter bottle and 1 ½” up from the bottom of a 1.5-liter bottle and mark with a Sharpie™.
3. Using the bottle cutter, score, and break where indicated.
4. Smooth the rough edges as instructed in the bottle cutter manual. Clean glass well after smoothing and polishing edges.
5. To create a polka dot pattern, draw a 1 ½” circles on a 3.5”h x 8.5”w clear contact paper. Cut out circles using a crafting knife on a self-healing mat or cutting board. Remove backing from contact paper and apply to the clean cut bottle. Use a side of a pen or a Popsicle stick to burnish the contact paper to the bottle. Eliminate all air pockets and secure cut edges to the glass before applying etching cream.
6. Etch & clean the bottle according to the etching cream manufacturer’s instructions.
7. Remove contact paper, wash, and dry bottle.
8. Finish edges of the glass pot and saucer with silver foiling tape. Peel away approximately 4” of the backing. Visualize the tape divided into thirds. Apply the bottom one-third of the tape, adhesive side pressed to the outside below the rim of the glass. Overlap the ends by a ¼”. Fold the two-thirds edge over the rim to the inside of the glass. Press and burnish into place with the side of a pen.
9. Add 1” of small pebbles to the bottom of the vase with some water.  
10.Insert a plant and add soil to 1” from the top. Set vase on the saucer.

Generation Green (g2 )
1 Small Wine Bottle - .75 Liter
1 Large Wine Bottle – 1.5 Liter
Clear Adhesive Contact Paper
Etching Cream
Foam Brush
Silver Foiling Tape
Pen or a Popsicle Stick Plant and Soil Pebbles 
Small Craft Knife


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