Rainbow Pendant Light

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Rainbow Pendant Light
A Generation Green™ Recycling Project

PROJECT TITLE: Rainbow Pendant Light
A versatile pendant light which allows you to add light to almost any space! The groovy design features rainbow colored glass gems mosaic on to a recycled wine bottle.
DESIGNED BY: Rita Schwab -
SKILL LEVEL: 3 (Adult 1-5: 1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult)

· Always, wear safety goggles when using glass-crafting tools. Everyday eyeglasses have only impact resistant lenses.
· To ensure top performance keep your bottle cutter blade oiled.

Generation Green (g2 )™ Bottle Cutter
2 Pkg. Jennifer’s Mosaics Glass Gems Assortment
Jennifer’s Mosaic™ Black Grout
Light kit
Mosaic Glue
Light Bulb

Read and carefully following the instructions contained within the Generation Green (g2 ) bottle cutter manual. 

1. Cover the work area with craft or newspaper.

2. Measure 3” down from the top of the bottle and mark with a Sharpie™ marker. Measure ½” from the bottom and make another mark.

3. Using the bottle cutter, score and separate the bottle at the marks.

4. Smooth the rough edges of the cut bottle with emery paper as instructed in the bottle cutter manual.

5. Randomly glue the gems to the surface of the bottle and let dry completely. To prevent the bottle from rolling, place on an old pillow or a bag of rice.

6. Once gems are dried, place grout in a bowl and slowly add water a tablespoon at a time. Mix with craft stick until the grout reaches “fudge-like” consistency. If it is too watery, add more dry grout in small amounts until the consistency is correct. Diamond Tech • Tampa, FL • 813-806-2923 • 800-937-9593 • www.diamontechcrafts.com

7. Wearing a disposable glove spread the grout into all the spaces between the glass gems. Wait about 15 minutes for grout to set.

8. Gently wipe away the excess grout using a paper towel taking care not to pull grout out of tile spaces. It is very important to remove any grout from the tile surface before grout is completely dry.

9. Use a soft cloth to buff the tiles to a clean shine.

10. Allow 24 hours for the mosaic piece to dry.

11. Following the instructions for the light kit assemble and install it on the bottle. Cover the cord with a lamp bungee.


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