Electric Mandrel Spinner Holder

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  • Easy-release clamping device fits snuggly on all size EMS.
  • Magnetic EMS Holder secures to all sizes of Flat Magnetic Pedestals, Hand Stabilizers and Magnetic Elevated Platforms.
  • Free your hand to multi tasking; marvering or raking as you add glass.
  • Allows you to anneal your beads hands-free while you prep for your next bead.
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Now you can spin your mandrels hands free! You heard right! Bearfoot Tools Magnetic EMS Holder has a special clamping mechanism that fits tightly over any size Electric Mandrel Spinner (EMS) locking the tool safely into place. Use this accessory in conjunction with any Flat Magnetic Pedestal, Hand Stabilizer or Magnetic Elevated Platform to free up both hands to work with different tools or color rods. The Magnetic EMS Holder will also hold beads spinning in an annealing portion of the flame while you take a phone call, clean your glass, or any other hands free task you might have.

PLEASE NOTE: Bearfoot Tools by Studio Pro have a two week lead time from the date in which the order is placed. Tools will be shipped separately when ordered with other Diamond Tech products. 


Package Dimensions: N/A
Weight: 4.10 lbs
UPC: 79436681030-3

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