Fused Itsy Bitsy Spider Pendant Project Guide


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    Fuseworks™ Stringers - Thick
    Fuseworks™ Large Silver Pendant Bail
    Fuseworks™ Kiln Paper
    Fuseworks™ Microwave Kiln
    Fuseworks™ Glass Cutter
    E6000® or other glass glue
    Microwave 800-1200 Watt
    Project Tip
    Every microwave oven and kiln will vary. You will need to test and log what time
    will be suited for your
    1. Select or measure and mark the following glass pieces: Orange– one 1 7/8” X 7/8” and three 1/2” X 1/2”, Black – four 1/2” X 1/2”, Black Stringers – four 7/8”.
    2. Using a glass cutter, cut glass to designated sizes as indicated above. Clean glass using paper towel moistened with water. Completely dry the surface of the glass with a lint free cloth.
    3. Next, cut two 2” X 2” piece of kiln paper. Remove the lid from the Fuseworks™ Kiln. Place the kiln paper on the kiln base.
    4. Layer the glass on the kiln paper starting with the 1 7/8” X 7/8” orange base glass. Next, place the stringers across the width of the orange glass, leaving spaces in between each stringer. Hence creating a striped effect. HOT TIP: If your stringers roll around too much, tack them into place using a small amount of diluted glue. To dilute glue, in a small mixing cup use one drop of white school glue to 3 drops water, mix well. Apply a small amount of the mixture to one side of the stringer with a tooth pick; set into place. This mixture completely dry before fusing or your project will shatter.
    5. Carefully set the base with glass inside the microwave. Cover base and glass with kiln lid.
    6. Fuse at full (100%) power for 2 minutes 30 seconds. After time is up, open microwave and, using Hot Mitts, carefully lift the lid enough to inspect the fusing process. Add additional time in 30 second increments until desired results are achieved. Remove kiln from microwave using the Hot Mitts and place on a heat resistant surface. Cool the kiln on a heat resistant surface for at least 40 minutes with the lid on. Removing the lid or peeking under the lid during the cooling will result in your piece cracking. Glass remains hot for a long time and should be handled with great caution.
    7. Cool your kiln completely, approximately 30-40 minutes.
    8. Remove the lid from the Fuseworks™ Kiln. Place a new piece of kiln paper on the kiln base.
    9. Place the 1/2” X 1/2” Orange and Black glass on the kiln paper. Leaving 1/2” space between the squares.
    10. Carefully set the base with glass inside the microwave. Cover base and glass with kiln lid.
    11. Fuse at full (100%) power for 1minute 30 seconds.
    12. Adhere a large silver bail to the back of the pendant using a glass adhesive such as E6000®. Allow the adhesive to dry per glue manufacturer’s directions. Place glass buttons on pendant. When satisfied with placement, glue buttons into place and allow to dry. Slip pendant onto your favorite chain or rope necklace.

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