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Fused Striped Drink Charms Project Guide

    Item# FPG0002F


    • • Free Fusing Project Guide
    • • Use stringers and clear glass to create these neat drink charms

    Product Description

    • 1 pack- Fuseworks™ 90 COE 2”x3” Sheets – Clear or The Basics
    • 1 pack- Fuseworks™ 90 COE 1” Rounds - Clear
    • 1 pack- Fuseworks™ Stringers - Thin
    • 1 pack- Fuseworks™ Drink Charms
    • E6000® Adhesive
    • Fuseworks™ Microwave Kiln
    • Fuseworks™ Hot Mitts
    • Fireworks™ Safety Glasses
    • Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Scorer/Breaker Tool
    • Heat resistant surface, such as a trivet or ceramic tile
    Fusing Tips:
    All microwave and kiln combinations will have different firing patterns. Be sure to take careful notes and log all fusing times for future use. This project was made using a 1000 Watt microwave; please adjust the firing time accordingly.

    1. Wearing safety glasses, suse the scorer/breaker tool to score and separate a ¾” x 1 ½” piece of clear glass from a clear sheet of glass.
    2. Place a 2” x 2” piece of kiln paper on the kiln base. Break off pieces of stringer and arrange on the kiln paper to create a ¾” x 1 ½” rectangle. Place the clear glass over the stringers and press down to help prevent the stringers from rolling around.
    3. Fuse for 2 minutes at 100% power. Wearing hot mitts, check the glass for slightly rounded edges. The kiln should be glowing and the edges of the glass should be rounded. If they are not rounded, continue to fuse in 30 second increments at 100% power until you reach the desired shape. Allow kiln to cool on a heat resistant surface, at least 30 minutes before using it again.
    4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 using a 1” precut circle.
    5. When cool, clean the kiln paper from the back of each piece. Following manufacturer’s instructions, affix a drink charm to the back of each piece of glass with E6000® and allow drying.