Wild Thing!

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 Wild Thing bottle stopper
DESIGNED BY: Jeanne Baruth
SKILL LEVEL: (Adult 1-5: 1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult) 4

1) Wear safety glasses when using glass-crafting tools.
2) Always read and follow kiln safety rules and warnings.

Fuseworks™ Microwave Kiln
Fuseworks™ Kiln Paper
Fuseworks™ Fusible Shapes Clear
Fuseworks™ Fusible Shapes Black
Fuseworks™ Dichroic Bits and Pieces
Fuseworks™ Round Bottle Stopper
Fuseworks™ Glass Cutter
Fuseworks™ Running Pliers
Safety Glasses
Wheeled Nippers
12 Peacock Seed Beads 8/0 
3 Peacock Bugle Bead
1 Peacock Bead 7mm
26” of 26 gauge Teal Copper colored wire
Wire cutters

1. Measure and cut one 1” X ¼” piece of dichroic glass.
2. Nip the dichroic bits into small pieces.
3. Cut 3 pieces of kiln paper 1 ½” x 1/8” and 6 pieces ½” x 1/8”.
4. Clean glass using paper towel moistened with water. Completely dry the surface of the glass with a lint free cloth.
5. Cut a 2” X 2” piece of kiln paper. Remove the lid from the Fuseworks™ Kiln. Place the kiln paper on the kiln base.
6. Position the black fusible shape on the center of the kiln paper. Vertically stack and position the three 1½” x 1/8” kiln paper strips in the center of the fusible shape. When fused the kiln paper will create a void between the two pieces of glass for wire wrapping.
7. Fit the tiny nipped pieces of dichroic glass on the black fusible shape on either side of the kiln strips. Leave approximately a 1/16” between the pieces. (Fig.1, You can find some examples oin the Pdf, file link, found under the title)
8. Cover with a clear fusible shape. Find the center of the clear fusible shape and measure down ¼” from the top. Stack three of the remaining strips of kiln paper horizontally. Measure down another ¼” and repeat the process with the remaining three pieces of kiln paper. Place the dichroic rectangle vertically over the kiln paper. (Fig. 2)
 9. Carefully set the base with glass inside the microwave and cover with kiln lid. Fuse in a 1200-watt microwave at 50% for 2 minutes; 80% at 1 minute; 30 seconds. If using a microwave with a lower wattage, increase the power percentage but keep time consistent. PLEASE NOTE: All microwave and kiln combinations will have different firing patterns. Be sure to take careful notes and log all fusing times for future use.
10.After time is up, open microwave and, using Hot Mitts, carefully lift the lid enough to inspect the fusing process. Glass is used when the edges of the glass are nicely rounded. If necessary, continue to microwave at 15-second increments until desired results are achieved.
11.Remove kiln from microwave using the Hot Mitts and place on a heat-resistant surface. Cool the kiln for at least 30 minutes WITH THE LID ON. Caution: Removing the lid or peeking under the lid during the cooling stage may result in your piece cracking. Glass remains hot for a long time handle with great care.
12.Once cooled, run the fused piece under water and clean away the kiln paper. Use a toothpick or a wire to remove the kiln paper in the voids.
13.Cut one 6” piece of wire to coil around the dichroic rectangle. Before you start to coil, leave approximately ¼” of wire at the end. Tuck end into the coils to secure the wire. Coil 8 times around the top opening (under and over the rectangle); threading a bead on every other coil. When completed, trim the wire leaving ¼” and secure this end into the underside of the coils (Fig. 3).
14.Cut two 10” pieces of wire. Thread both pieces through the opening in the top (the void where the kiln paper was removed) of the fused circles. String one seed bead on each end. Rethread the wires back through the opening; pull securely so the seed beads snug up against the glass. Slip the tube bead over all four ends and pull it down securely to the top of the glass. One end at a time, coil the wire around toothpick and slip the toothpick out of the wire. Tread a bead or two (as seen in the photo). Do this on all four ends. Add drop of glue to the end of the wire when finishing off with a bead. This will prevent it from coming loose from the wire.
15.Glue the fused circle to the stopper top with the four wires at the top. Allow it to dry according the manufacturer’s directions. Pop it in a bottle and let the good times roll. 


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