Glass Block Easter Vase

Materials Needed



  • GBLOCKS113 Krafty Blok Rectangle
  • Faux Bird Nesting Material
  • Small Plastic or Styrofoam Easter Eggs
  • Faux Blue Delphinium Flowers
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • A long stick: chopstick, or pencil


1. Remove label from KraftyBlok™ and clean glass with window cleaner.

2. Start by inserting the nesting material. Use a long stick to help push the material down. You don’t need more than a handful.

3. Next, fill the rest of the block with festive faux Easter eggs. Smaller eggs allow room for more than one egg and is more aesthetically pleasing.

4. Take your flowers and make sure to insert the stems directly in the center of the glass block. Use your long stick to accommodate the eggs around it.

5. Cut approximately 18-20 inches of ribbon and tie a bow around the flower stems. Cut the ribbon to your preferred length.


You can use this idea for any theme, holiday or season. The possibilities are endless.

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