Diamond Max To Bevel Max M3 Upgrade

MSRP $128.00
Item #119A
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  • Get more use out of your grinder
  • Save money and studio space
  • Create custom bevels
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Turn your Diamond Max Grinder into a Bevel Max Beveler to create custom made bevels. Kit includes all the extras to upgrade your grinder into a beveling system.

M3 Upgrade Kit Includes:
•  Medium and fine grit beveling laps (5 pcs each)
•  Max Splash ShieldTM with water bottle
•  Polishing pad and compound
•  12° Bevel block
•  Instructional “How to Bevel” video
Package Dimensions: N/A
Weight: 48 ounces
UPC: 79436605119-5

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Diamond Max to Bevel Max M3 Upgrade

MSRP $128.00 Diamond Max Item #119A

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