Christmas Tree Krafty Blok Luminary


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  • Create a magical and festive feeling in the garden or on the porch with this Mosaic Christmas Tree Luminary.
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• KraftyBlok™ -Original
• KraftyBlok™ Stand - Original
• 1 package of Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Red Cathedral Stained Glass Chips
• 1 package of Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Green Cathedral Stained Glass Chips
• 1 package of Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Purple Cathedral Stained Glass Chips
• String of White Twinkle lights
• Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Wheeled Glass Nippers
• E-6000® Glue or a clear silicone
Basic Supplies
Newspaper, scissors, permanent marker, ruler
1. Remove the labels from the KraftyBlok™ and clean all surfaces of the glass; dry thoroughly.
2. Position the KraftyBlok™ on a work surface, with the 8” x 8” surface side up and the stopper opening facing towards you.
3. With ruler and marker, make a small mark at the center top and bottom of the block face. This represents the center line and starting point for aligning the glass gems.
4. Using scissors cut out the Christmas tree pattern. Center pattern on KraftyBlok™ and trace around the pattern using a marker.
5. Using Wheeled Glass Nipper, nip Green Cathedral glass squares into random shapes. Use shapes to fill in the tree pattern. Pieces should fit together as a jigsaw puzzle. Leave approximately 1/8” space between glass pieces. When satisfied with the placement, lift and apply glue to the backside of each piece of glass, press firmly into place. Remove marker with a damp paper towel.
6. Nip Purple Cathedral chips in the same fashion and position at the base of the tree for a trunk, glue into place.
7. Next, nip Red Cathedral squares to fill in around the tree. Leave 1/8” between the pieces and away from the edge of the KraftyBlok™. Glue into place and allow to dry following manufacturer’s instructions.
8. Use scissors and cut a slit from the edge to the center hole of the KraftyBlok™ cap. Insert the light cord through the slit and slide the cord to the center hole. Insert the cap back into the KraftyBlok™ opening.
9. Slide the finished KraftyBlok™ into the stand and thread the light cord through the opening in the bottom of the KraftyBlok™ Stand. Plug into an electrical outlet and enjoy this cheerful holiday accent light.

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