Let It Snow KraftyBlok Lightbox

Item #: FPG0003K

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Free KraftyBlok Project Guide

Make a sweet decorated light to celebrate the season!


• 4” x 8” KrafyBlok™
• Silver Glitter Paint Writer
• 8 - 1” Glitter Snowflakes
• Holiday Ribbon
• String of Holiday Lights (50 strand) White or Clear
• 2’ red garland
• Aleene’s Tacky Glue
• Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Project Tips

• For a Chanukah light box, use white lights, blue garland and a blue and white wired ribbon. Use glass paints and/or pens to write Happy Chanukah or to draw 9 colorful candles to the front of the KraftyBlok.
1. Remove the labels from the KraftyBlok™ and clean all surfaces of the glass; dry thoroughly.
2. Place the KraftyBlok™ on a work surface with the 4 x 8 side facing up. Use a glitter paint writer and create a special holiday message lengthwise on the side on the KraftyBlok™. Allow to dry following manufacturer’s instructions.
3. While paint is drying, remove the hanging threads form Merry Minis Glitter Snowflake ornaments. Use glue to adhere the snowflakes randomly to the front surface of the KraftyBlok™ making sure you do not cover the words.
4. Once the paint and glue have dried, remove the stopper from the KraftyBlok™ and insert a string of a 50 tree lights into the cavity of the block.
5. Use scissors and cut a slit from the edge to the center hole of the cap. Insert the light cord through the slit and slide the cord to the center hole.
6. For a festive look, insert a 2’ piece of red garland into the KraftyBlok™ cavity so that it appear behind your special holiday message.
7. Next, wrap a length of wired ribbon around the outer perimeter of the KraftyBlok™ and use a glue gun to tack into place. Next, create a multi-looped bow and hot glue it to the top of the KraftyBlok™ to cover the ends of the ribbon.  



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