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Antiquity Mosaic Clock No Tool

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Item# AM501
Additional Media


  • One sustainable wood base
  • An assortment of REAL marble
  • Clock mechanism
  • Mosaic adhesive sheet
  • Sponge, craft stick, clear contact paper and latex glove
  • 3 Patterns and instructions
  • An exclusive online how-video

Product Description

Did you know the Greeks were noted for the introduction of tesserae? The first tesserae were tiny pieces of marble cut into squares and used to add detail to the mosaic. Today, these ancient mosaics are the inspiration for Diamond Tech’s Antiquity Mosaics Marble Tile Kits.

No matter what your skill level, this kit addresses your needs, featuring three patterns ranging from easy to advanced. Unique to this kit is a special video tutorial, available only to those who purchase the kit. Our new mosaics clock kit can be position on a desk to or hung on a wall for years of enjoyment.

Product Specifications

Package Dimensions: 9.5 in W x 9.25 in L x 2.25 in D
Weight: 1.57 pounds
UPC: 79436630501-4

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