Cobblestones Tiles Lights Mosaic Coasters Free Project Guide


    • Free Mosaic Project Guide
    • Create these simple and sweet mosaic coasters in no time!
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    Materials and Tools
    4 ¼” Round Reusable Coaster Mold
    Colorants™ - Blue, Rose, Yellow and Green
    Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Mosaic Stone Cement
    Cobblestones Tiles - Lights
    Pencil and paper
    Disposable cup or bowl
    Disposable spoon
    Petroleum jelly or cooking spray
    The coaster mold is reusable so you only need one for this project, however if more than one person is crafting or you would like to speed the project complete time, purchase 2 or 4 molds.
    1. Cover your work area with newspaper or kraft paper. Place the coaster mold on a piece of scrap paper. Trace around it to create a template.
    2. Using the image as a guide, layout the tiles, leave 1/8” space from the edge and between each tile.
    3. Mix a teaspoon of colorant into a tablespoon of water. Mix the colored water into ¼ cup of mosaic stone cement. Mix until smooth and pourable like pancake batter, if needed, add more water just a few drops at a time.
    4. Coat the inside edge and bottom of the reusable coaster mold(s) with petroleum jelly or cooking spray.
    5. Pour mixture into a pre-greased coaster mold. Tap the mold to remove air bubbles and settle the cement. Allow about 5 minutes for the cement to set then begin placing tiles onto the cement. Start with the edge and work inward. Be sure to leave 1/8” space from the edge and between tiles.
    6. If you are working with one mold, allow 1 hour for the cement to dry before removing the coaster.
    7. Repeat steps 2-6 for additional coaster.
    8. Allow cement to cure for 24 hours before using coasters.

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