Fall Leaves Garden Stakes

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Jennifer’s Mosaics


Fall Leaves Garden Stakes
BY: Diana Duvall
SKILL LEVEL: 3 (1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult)
TIME TO COMPLETE: 3 hours 30 minutes (does not include drying time)

• Jennifer’s Mosaic™ Stained Glass Variety Chips (361J) – 1 package
• Jennifer’s Mosaic™ Stained Glass Black Chips (362J) – 1 package
• Jennifer’s Mosaic™ Wheeled Nippers
• Jennifer’s Mosaic™ Black Grout (581)
• Mosaic Glue
• 3” X 2” Wooden Rectangle/Sign (Lara’s Crafts #V20032 www.larascrafts.com)
• Clear Acrylic Spray
• Pen or Pencil
• Carbon Paper
• Tablespoon
• Disposable Cup and Spoon (to mix grout)
• Paper Towels
• Sponge
• Disposable Gloves
• E-6000® or Wood Glue
• 12” Garden Stakes – 3
• Wood Primer (optional)
• Never dispose of grout directly down a drain.
• If grouting without latex gloves, pour vinegar over hands to restore skin PH.
• Nip and lay the leaf veins first and then fit the color glass around them.
• Periodically spraying an acrylic clear coat on the stakes will preserve them longer when in an outdoor setting.
1. To protect work area, cover with newspaper.
2. Prime both sides of the wood with clear acrylic spray or wood primer. Allow to dry according to the manufacture’s recommendation.
3. Place leaf pattern in the center of the wooden rectangle. Slide a piece of carbon paper underneath pattern and trace over pattern with a ballpoint pen or pencil. Remove carbon paper and pattern and set aside.
4. Nip purple chips into thin 1/8” rectangles (for nipping instructions watch our nipping video in the Video section of the Creative Corner). Place on leaf pattern to create a stem and veins and glue in place. Nip red, orange, yellow, green chips into random sizes and shapes. Fill in the leaves leaving 1/8” space between pieces and away from the edge to allow room for grout (see image).
5. Adjust pieces as necessary until desired look is achieved. Place a small amount of adhesive to the back of the glass and press firmly onto the surface of the rectangle. Allow to dry.
6. Measure three tablespoons of Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Black Grout to one tablespoon of water (this will cover three 3” X 2” stakes). Add water a little bit at a time until it reaches a fudgy consistency. Wear latex gloves and spread grout onto the surface of the mosaic. Press grout in all the spaces between the glass pieces.
7. Wait about 15 minutes for grout to set. Gently wipe away excess grout using a slightly moisten sponge, taking care not to pull away grout from between glass pieces. It is very important to remove any grout on tile surfaces before grout is completely dry.
8. Use a soft cloth to buff glass to a clean shine. Allow 24 hours for mosaic piece to dry thoroughly.
9. Paint the sides and back of the exposed wood with black craft paint. Allow to dry.
10. Spray back and front with clear acrylic spray to seal the wood and grout.
11. Glue a 12” garden stake, available at most craft stores or garden centers to the back of each stake using E-6000® or any other wood glue.


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