Floral Vase Serving Tray

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Jennifer’s Mosaics™


Floral Vase Serving Tray
SKILL LEVEL: 4 (1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult)

• 2 pkg. Jennifer’s Mosaics White, Dark Green and Glue Chips
• 1 pkg. Jennifer’s Mosaics Purple, Orange, Red, Yellow, Pink Chips
• 2lb Jennifer’s Mosaics Bone Grout
• 20” x 12” Wooden Serving Tray
• Mixing bowl and spoons
• Latex gloves
• Newspaper
• 16oz Apple Barrel Bright Blue Paint
• Paintbrush
• Pencil
• Tracing paper and pattern
• Jennifer’s Mosaics Wheeled Glass Nipper
• Grout Sealant
• Measuring Cup
• To complete the big background sections quickly, nip a large amount of chips at once. Make a personal promise that if you pick a nipped piece up you will glue it down. Remember, pieces don’t have to fit perfectly, that’s the beauty of mosaics!
• Always leave 1/8” space between each piece of glass for grout.
1. Cover your work surface with newspaper or craft paper.
2. Prime and paint the surface of your tray. Apply desired layers of paint, allowing each layer to dry before applying subsequent layers.
3. Determine the center of the tray by using a pencil and ruler and drawing a line connecting opposite corners. Where the lines meet is the center of your tray. Align the center of the pattern with this mark and tape to hold in place. Slip a piece of carbon paper underneath your pattern and trace the design onto the surface of the tray. 4. To create the vase, nip red chips into narrow rectangles. Following the outline of the vase, position chips vertically end to end and glue into place. Make sure you leave 1/8” between each glass piece. Continue adding chips to the vase design until it is completely filled.
5. For the red rose nip, red chips into thicker rectangles. Place them end to end in a spiral pattern until you reach the center. Some nipping of the glass may be necessary to fit the curves of the rose design.
6. Using the pattern color nip and shape glass into stem, leave and remaining flower shapes. Position into place and glue.
7. Nip blue chips into quarters, cluster into squares leaving 1/8” between the pieces. Place them on the tray into the rectangular border and glue into place.
8. To create the table, nip orange chips into random sized slivers and use them to fill in the table area on the pattern. Once positioned, glue horizontally into place
9. Fill in the area between the border and the vase with purple
chips nipped to medium random sizes. Glue a few nipped white chips into the background along with the purple chips.
10. Fill in the outer tray background with dark green and white chips nipped on a diagonal to form large triangles. Nip blue chips into quarters and randomly glue them randomly throughout this section.
11. Let glue set per manufacturer’s directions.
12. Mix 2 cups of bone grout and apply to the tray, pressing it between the pieces of the glass and around the inside edge of the tray.
13. Remove excess grout. Sponge off any grout on the painted side of the tray and allow grout dry.
14. Buff glass clean.
15. To protect the grout from spills and stains, apply a grout sealant. 


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