Home Sweet Home Address Plaque

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 Home Sweet Home Mosaic House Numbers
Materials Needed:
• Mosaic Number Kits to corresponding to your home address
• Mosaic Mixes (each mix package makes two numbers)
• Wooden Pine Plaque - Plaque should be large enough to fit all corresponding house numbers. Plaques are available at most craft stores in an array of sizes and shapes. If your house number is too long, have your local hardware store cut a section of wood large enough to fit the house numbers.
• 1 ounce all-purpose black and gold paint
• 1 Paint Brush
• Picture Hanger
• Mixing Bowl and Spoon
• Paper Towels and Newspaper
• Wheeled Glass Nippers (optional)
• Sponge or scrubby
• Soft Cloth

Step 1
1. Paint the back of a wooden plaque with two coats of black paint, allow to dry. When dry, paint the front in the same fashion.
2. If the plaque has a routed edge, paint the inside edge with gold paint. This will frame the numbers and add contrast to the house number plaque.
Step 2
Open number kits and place contents on newspaper. Reserve 1/2 teaspoon of grout from each kit and set aside. Follow the kit directions and mosaic each number. If you plan on using the mounting hardware enclosed in the kits, leave the screw opening free of grout. If you plan on gluing the numbers to the plaque, cover holes with grout. Allow numbers to dry, buff clean with soft cloth.
Step 3
1. Arrange the numbers on the painted plaque leaving at least 1/8” between each number. If using the hardware enclosed in each kit, attach numbers to the plaque with mounting hardware enclosed in the kit. Mix the reserved grout with a tiny bit of water to form a paste, cover the heads of each screw. If gluing the numbers, use wood glue found at your local hardware store.
2. Once numbers are attached, embellish plaque where needed with remaining gems or add your own special embellishment such as; stencils, shells, buttons etc.
Step 4
1. Attach picture hanger on the back of number plaque and hang. 


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