Mosaic Garden Globes

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Jennifer’s Mosaics™


Mosaic Garden Globes
BY: Jeanne Baruth
SKILL LEVEL: 4 (1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult)
TIME TO COMPLETE: 2 days (not including drying time)
• 1- 12” and 2 - 10”Ceramic Ball (or one suited for this project as described in project tips).
• 3 - 16 oz packages - Jennifer’s Mosaics™ 3/8” Gold Veined Tile Variety
• 2 lb Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Terra-cotta Sanded Grout
• Mosaic Adhesive
• Mixing Spoon
• Soft Cloth
• Marker
• Sponge
• Bowl
• Disposable Glove
• Mosaic Cement
• Disposable Plastic Knife
• Sand Paper
To create mosaic patterns, glass tiles are carefully set by hand on the surface of the globes. The beauty of mosaics is they don’t have to be exact, their randomness results in their unique look.
• Never dispose of grout directly down a drain.
• If grouting without latex gloves, pour vinegar over hands to restore skin PH.
DO NOT USE Styrofoam globes for this project. Instead, use discarded Bocce or Croquet balls, ceramic, glass, wood or metal globes which can be found at flea markets & home good stores. For a bigger challenge, try using an old bowling ball.
• Round surfaces can pose a challenge when mosaicing. Use a bowl or a bag of dried beans to hold the globes steady while applying tile.
• Use thick multi-purpose adhesive to adhere tile to rounded surfaces, as the low viscosity helps hold the tile pieces in place and prevents them from sliding.
1. To protect work area, cover with newspaper.
2. If the globe you are using is smooth or slick, try lightly sanding the surface. Wipe the globe with a lint-free cloth to remove any dust or debris from the surface.
3. Use a marker to draw lines to divide each globe into 8 sections (FIG. 1). Draw the first line to divide the globe in half vertically (X-axis) and a second to divide the globe in half horizontally (Y-axis). Draw two more lines to divide each of the four sections in half, creating a total of 8 sections. These lines will help you to keep your pattern aligned as you mosaic.
4. Use a disposable plastic knife to spread glue on the back to the tile. Place tile into place per design pattern. Leave approximately 1/8” grout line between the tiles. There may be times when larger spaces occur; this is a result of working on a rounded surface and using full square tiles. When this happens, try to evenly space the tiles in these areas to minimize large, uneven gaps.
5. Mosaic small sections at a time so that adhesive dries/sets before moving to the next section.
Sphere #1 - 12” circumference On the top of the 12” globe, follow the color-coded pattern (FIG. 2) and glue 3/8” tiles along either side of the X and Y axis indicated on pattern. Next, fill the area between the X & Y axis with tile to forming a square. Repeat pattern on the bottom of the globe. Once both squares have been tiled, the remaining un-tiled area will resemble a scallop-shaped opening. Fill this area in with Dark Amber tiles, spacing tile evenly as you glue.
Sphere #2 – 10” circumference On the top of the 10” globe, follow the color-coded pattern (FIG. 3) and glue 3/8” tiles down the center of the X & Y axis, indicated on pattern. Repeat pattern on the bottom of the globe. Fill in the center of the globe, between the tiled areas by repeating the pattern (FIG. 4).
Sphere #3 – 10” circumference On the top of the 10” globe, follow the color-coded pattern (FIG. 5) and glue 3/8” tiles down the center of the X- axis on along either side of the Y-axis, using colors indicated on pattern. Next, fill the area between the X & Y axis using color tiles indicated by the pattern (FIG. 4). Mosaic the remaining area of the globe with 3/8” Gold-Vein Green tile starting at the bottom and working along the X & Y axis until you reach the blue tile.
6. Allow the adhesive to completely dry according to the manufacturer’s
 Directions before grouting the globes.
7. Place 1 cup of grout into a mixing bowl and slowly add water, 1 tablespoon at a time. Mix with craft stick or plastic spoon until the grout reaches a “fudge-like” consistency. If it is too watery, add a little extra dry grout to the mix.
8. Wearing disposable gloves spread the grout into the openings between the tiles. Wait about 15 minutes for grout to set.
9. Begin to gently wipe away excess grout using a damp sponge, taking care not to pull grout out of glass spaces. It is important to remove grout from the glass surface before it is completely dry.
10. Use the soft cloth to buff the glass to a clean shine. Allow to dry completely for 24 hours.


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