Mosaic Halloween Pumpkin Luminary Free Project Guide

Item #: FPG0007M

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Free Mosaic Project Guide

Cast a warm funny glow this Halloween with this illuminated happy face pumpkin.


Materials and Tools

6” glass votive
Jennifer's Mosaics™ Cathedral Orange - 3 packages
Jennifer's Mosaics™ Opalescent Black - 1 package
E6000® Glue
Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Wheeled Glass Nippers
Studio Pro™ Safety Glasses
Tealight candle or light


Nip glass chips over a bowl or box to capture glass shards, for easy disposal.

When creating mosaics on a rounded surface, fill a quart plastic bag half way with rice and rest the object on the bag. This will prevent round items from rolling.


1. Cover your work area with newspaper to protect work surface.
2. Collect all supplies needed for the project and place them on your surface.
3. When working with glass crafting tools always wear safety glasses.
4. This project consists mainly of stained glass triangles. To create a triangle from a glass square, hold the glass square in your fingers. Take the wheeled glass nippers in the opposite hand, open the jaws and place the glass square between the blades, centered on the diagonal. Squeeze nippers closed to nip glass squarely in half. For smaller triangles, center blade on the larger triangle and nip. The pumpkins teeth are seven narrow rectangles, lengths of black glass nipped randomly.
5. Nip three large black triangles for the eyes & nose and 6 rectangles for the teeth.
6. Put the vase on a bag of rice or pillow to keep it in place.
7. Use only a small dab of glue on the back of each black glass triangle and position on the votive for eyes.  Next, place glue the rectangles and position them in the area of a mouth (use image for placement). Hold glass in place on the votive until set.
8. Nip a good supply of orange triangles, using the method above. Start at the bottom and begin gluing the nipped triangles to the glass votive. Fitting triangles side by side, butting them close together. Configure the orange triangles around the facial features, nipping the glass to fit when necessary. 
9. When you have finished, allow the glue to dry overnight.
10. Insert a candle and light up your Halloween with your new Boo-tiful Pumpkin Votive. 



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