Pompeii Trivet

Item #: PROJECT0212

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Antiquity Mosaics™


Pompeii Trivet
DESIGNED BY: Rita Schwab
SKILL LEVEL: (Adult 1-5: 1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult) 1
→PROJECT TIP: Additional embellishment can be added to your trivet try:
· Paint the metal frame.
· Wire wrapping the handles.
· Add wooden or stone beads
Antiquity Mosaics™ – Ming Green and Emperador
1 pkg. each Trivet 6” Square with handles
White Spray Paint
Mosaic Adhesive or Clear Silicone
Paper Towels and Newspaper
1. To protect work area, cover with newspaper.
2. Remove the wooden trivet base from the frame. Prime the base with several coats of white spray paint, allow paint to dry between coats.
3. Follow the pattern below, this pattern is also included in the Antiquity Mosaic™ package. Peel the Antiquity Ming Green and Dark Emperador marble tiles from the protective covering. Follow the pattern shown; place the tiles side by side on the trivet base.
4. Once you are satisfied with the look, lift each tile piece and apply a thin layer of glue to the back. Firmly press tiles into place and allow glue to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


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