Ravenna Mosaic Frame

Item #: PROJECT0226

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Antiquity Mosaics™


Ravenna Mosaic Frame
DESIGNED BY: Jeanne Baruth
SKILL LEVEL: (Adult 1-5: 1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult) 2
→PROJECT TIP: If choosing to grout without gloves, use a vinegar wash afterwards to restore the PH to your hands, preventing your skin from drying out.
2 pkg. - Antiquity Tiles Black & White
1 Antiquity Tiles Medallion – Antique Silver
Wooden Picture Frame
Mosaic Glue
Black Grout
1. Start with a wooden picture frame. Lightly sand it with fine sandpaper. Wipe off all debris with a clean dry cloth and paint with a primer.
2. Frames will vary in size and picture openings. To achieve this pattern on any size frame or opening, size the pattern to your frame. To do so remove the frame back and glass from frame. Place the frame on a piece of craft paper, using a pencil trace around the perimeter of the frame and the picture opening. Set the frame aside.
3. Lay the tiles and medallion on the frame template following the pattern below.
4. Work in a small area at a time and apply adhesive to the surface of the frame, approximately 1/8” thick. Spread evenly using a plastic disposable knife. Move tiles one at a time from the template to the surface of the frame, press tile into the glue. Continue this process until the frame is completely covered with tile.
5. Once all tiles are applied, allow glue to dry before grouting.
6. Mix two cups of black grout, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Wearing latex glove, spread grout onto the surface of the frame. Press grout into all the spaces between the tile pieces. Wait about 15 minutes for grout to set.
7. Gently wipe away excess grout using a scrubby, taking care not to pull away grout from between tile pieces. It is very important to remove any grout on tile surfaces before grout is completely dry.
8. Use a soft cloth to buff the marble to a clean shine. Allow 24 hours for mosaic piece to dry thoroughly. 


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