Shabby Chic Leaf Frame

Item #: PROJECT0112

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 Shabby Chic Leaf Frame
DESIGNED BY: Rita Schwab
SKILL LEVEL: (Adult 1-5 1 being the easiest, 5 being difficult) 1
→PROJECT TIP: No grout needed, simply layer leaves; one on top of the other for depth and dimension. Be creative, use brown, green and yellow leaves for a fall theme and multi-coloured leaves for a more whimsical theme.
• 1 lb. of Deco/Ceramic Leaves
• Mosaic Glue
• 4 x 6 Frame
• Favorite Photograph
1. Select a picture frame, we chose a 4 x 6 frame.
2. Next, choose the color of leaves you wish to use. This frame was created using pink and green leaves in a variety of sizes.
3. Begin by randomly positioning medium to large leaves onto the base frame. You can choose several large leaves as focal points as we did with our frame. Randomly place leaves around the frame to cover as much of the frame’s surface as you possibly can (FIG 1). Once you like what you see, glue into place with E6000 or any mosaic adhesive. Allow glue to set up before proceeding with the second layer.
4. Next, layer smaller leaves on top of the medium and large leaves so that you cover any visible portion of the frame that may be showing (FIG 2).
5. Allow adhesive to completely dry following the manufacturer’s instructions.
6. Should any of the frame still show, cover it with a neutral paint such as white, beige or black depending on the color of the tile you choose to use. 


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