Little Charmer Bracelet

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Little Charmer Bracelet
Designed by Jeanne Baruth 

Materials Needed

Fuseworks Kiln 

Fuseworks Kiln Paper 

Fuseworks Millefiori 

Fuseworks Gunmetal linked bracelet
Fuseworks Hot Mitts 

Silver Charms 

1/8” green satin ribbon E6000® or other glass glue



Step 1: Remove the lid from the FuseworksTM Kiln. Place a 2”x 2” piece of kiln paper on the kiln base. Place 11 pieces of millefiori on top of the kiln paper. (FIG. 1, To see some picture examples please click the Pdf. File link found under the title) 

Step 2: Set the base inside the microwave and cover with the kiln lid. (FIG. 2) 

Step 3: Fuse* using the chart below. After the first time interval, open the microwave and lift the kiln lid slightly to inspect fusing process. Add additional time in 30-second increments until fused. Remove kiln from microwave using FuseworksTM Hot Mitts and place on heat resistant surface. Let cool for 30 minutes before removing the FuseworksTM kiln lid. 

Step 4: When cooled, adhere fused millefiori cabochons to the disks of the link bracelet and allow to dry. (FIG. 4) 

Step 5: Use your creativity by adding charms and ribbons to create a personalized bracelet sure to be treasured for years to come. (FIG. 5)



NOTE: Every microwave oven and kiln will vary. You will need to test and log what time will be suited for your combination. This chart will give you a starting point to begin testing


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