Fusing Glass

Fused Yellow Tulip Drawer Pull Free Fuseworks Project Guide

March 19, 2018

Project Tip Use fusing glue to hold glass pieces into place during fusing. Fusing glue recipe: 1 drop of white school glue to 3 drops of water. Allow to dry thoroughly before fusing.   Materials Fuseworks™ Precut Rounds – Ebony & Ivory Fuseworks™ Bits & Pieces - Variety Fuseworks™ Dichroic Bits & Pieces Fuseworks™ Silver Round Draw Pull   Tools Fuseworks™ Microwave Kiln Fuseworks™ Kiln Paper Fuseworks™ Hot Mitts E6000® Glue Marker Wheeled Glass Nippers   Instructi...

Electric Yellow Pendant

March 20, 2018

Electric Yellow Pendant BY Jeanne Baruth SKILL LEVEL: 4 (1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult) TIME TO COMPLETE: 2 1/2 hours →PROJECT TIP • Wear safety glasses when using glass-crafting tools. • Always read and follow kiln safety rules and warnings. MATERIALS CHECKLIST • 1 pc Fuseworks™ Black (B) Sheet Glass • 1 pc Fuseworks™ Yellow (Y) Sheet Glass • 1 pc Fuseworks™ Clear Dichroic (D) Sheet Glass • Fuseworks™ Kiln Paper • Fuseworks™ Microwave Kiln • Fuseworks™ Glass C...

Little Yellow Pin

March 20, 2018

Little Yellow Pin BY: Jeanne Baruth  SKILL LEVEL: 1 (1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult)  TIME TO COMPLETE: 4 hours  →PROJECT TIP  • Wear safety glasses when glass crafting.  • Always read and follow kiln safety rules and warnings.  MATERIALS CHECKLIST  • Fuseworks™ Microwave Kiln  • Fuseworks™ Hot Mitts  • Fuseworks™ Kiln Paper  • Fuseworks™ Fusible Shapes Yellow (2)  • Fuseworks™ “The Orient” Decal – Small Circle of Flowers  • Safety Glasses  • E-6000®  • Scissors ...