Christmas Tree Accent Light

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Christmas Tree Accent Light 
: Diana Duvall
SKILL LEVEL: (Adult 1-5: 1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult) 2

8” x 8” KraftyBlok #GBLOCKS101 (UPC - 79436603101-2) Diamond Tech
KraftyBlok Large Stand #679746 (UPC-9436679746) Diamond Tech
12 oz. bag Marble Accents-Forest Green Luster #-70042 (UPC-9343270042) Panacer
12 oz. bag Marble Accents-Red #70048 (UPC-9343270048) Panacer
Make-It Mosaics Bag o’ Marbles – Amber #67199 (UPC-2899567199)
Plaid 100 Count Strand Christmas Lights Clear Bulbs with White cord (if not available use clear with green cord)
E6000 Clear Adhesive
Sharpie Marker
Plastic Knife or craft stick
Glass cleaner and paper towel?

1. Gather all materials.
2. Remove the labels from the KraftyBlok and clean all surfaces of the glass; dry thoroughly.
3. Position the KraftyBlok on a work surface, with the 8” x 8” surface side up and the stopper opening facing down towards you.
4. With ruler and marker, make a small mark at the center top and bottom of the block. This represents the center line and starting point for aligning the glass gems.
5. Use the photo as a guide and place a green gem on the surface of the block directly under the top center mark (within ¼” from top edge of glass).Spread a thin layer of glue over the flat surface of the gem and press firmly into position.
6. To complete row 1, place 4 red gems on either side of the green centered gem and glue into place. Use a ruler to insure the gems are level and straight.
7. Row 2 – Position and glue 2 green gems directly under the top centered green gem. Position and glue 3 red gems on both sides of the green gems, once again checking with a ruler to insure they are level and straight.
8. Row 3 – Position and glue a green gem directly in the center and under the previous two. Place two more green gems on either side. Finish row by adding 3 red gems on both sides. The outer edge will be staggered.
9. Row 4 – Position and glue 4 green gems centered directly under the 3 previous green gems. Add 2 red on either side to complete row 4. 10. Row 5 – Center and adhere 5 green gems under the last row and finish with 2 red gems on both sides. Keep checking your center line and distance from the top on each side to ensure row evenness.
11. Row 6 – Center and adhere 6 green gems and finish with 2 red gems on each side.
12. Row 7 – Center and adhere 7 green gems and only 1 red gem on each side.
13. Row 8 – Center and adhere 8 green gems. No red gems are added to the bottom row.
14. For the tree trunk, adhere 6 amber gems in 3 rows of 2, centered directly under the tree (green gems). If you can not fit 3 rows, just add 2. Position and glue 4 red gems on both sides of the amber gems. There should be enough room on the bottom to position a final row of red, directly under the row above. This row will not be staggered. Allow glue to thoroughly dry before inserting lights.
15. Light Assembly – Remove the plastic stopper and insert a strand of 100 lights into the cavity of the KraftyBlok. If lights are new, stretch the wires to straighten before placing inside the KraftyBlok. If needed, using a ruler to move the lights around inside the block to evenly distribute. The KraftyBlok will be completely filled with the 100 light strand.
16. Use a scissors and cut a slit from the edge to the center hole of the KraftyBlok cap. Insert the light cord through the slit and slide the cord to the center hole. Insert the cap back into the KraftyBlok opening.
17. Slide the finished KraftyBlok into the stand and thread the light cord through the opening in the bottom of the KraftyBlok Stand. Plug into an electrical outlet and enjoy this cheerful holiday accent light. 


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