Holiday Lamp

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Jennifer’s Mosaics


Holiday KraftyBlok

Skill Level – Beginner and up

• KraftyBlokTM
• 1 – 5-ounce package of Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Red Cathedral Stained Glass Chips
• 1 – 5-ounce package of Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Green Cathedral Stained Glass Chips
• 1 package of Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Clear Glass Charmers Star Shapes
• 1 string of Holiday lights
• Glass/Mirror Adhesive or clear silicone recommended for glass

Step 1: Get Ready!
1. Completely read your instructions before starting.
2. Cover your work area with newspaper to protect work surface.
3. Collect all supplies needed for the project.

Step 2: Lay out your Glass!
1. Place your KraftyBlokTM face down on the newspaper. For this project, the opening should be on the bottom so that the electrical cord is out of sight.
2. 1st row - Angle 6 red square chips in a straight line across the top of the KraftyBlockTM. Leave about 1/8” between each square. When evenly spaced, glue into place.
3. 2nd row – Starting 1/8” below and one chip over from the first row, place a row of angled green square chips underneath the red square chips. When evenly spaced, glue into place. If necessary use image as a guide.
4. You will see a diamond pattern begin to appear.
5. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the front of the KraftyBlokTM is complete.
6. When you have finished, allow the glue to dry, following the manufacturer’s recommendation.
7. Stand your KraftyBlokTM up, so that the opening is on the bottom.
8. Adhere 2 rows of alternating red and green square chips to the top. Allow to dry.
9. Turn KraftyBlokTM counter-clockwise and adhere 2 rows alternating red and green square chips. Allow to dry.
10. Continue step 10 until all sides have been covered in alternating red and green square chips.
11. In a decorative manner, adhere stars randomly on your Holiday KraftyBlokTM. This will add a festive, dimensional look.

Step 3: Last Step!
1. Place a string of holiday lights in the hole of the KraftyBlok. Leaving enough of the plug & cord exposed to reach your outlet.
Just a Note! Other items can be added just for fun! Try ribbons & bows, teddy bears, and artificial holiday floral. These make beautiful gifts for that hard to find someone.


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