Mummy Buddies

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Mummy Buddies Lamp and Candy Jar
BY: Lauren DiSanza
SKILL LEVEL: 1 (1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult)
TIME TO COMPLETE: 2 hours (does not include drying time)
•Cover the gems and wiggles with tape once affixed to keep them clean.
• KraftyBlok™ Original
• KraftyBlok™ Mini
• Decoupage Medium
• White Paint
• Paintbrush for Eye Details
• Foam Brush for Applying Medium
• 1 yard Unbleached Muslin
• Jennifer’s Mosaics™ 1 1/4” Round Black Gems
• Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Glass Black Wiggles
• Scissors or Craft Knife
• E-6000®
• String of Lights or a Lightbulb with a 6’ Cord
• KraftyBlok™ Original Stand
• KraftyBlok™ Mini Stand
These silly mummies make sweet Halloween décor, light up the night and enjoy a sweet treat!
1. Cover your work surface with craft or newspaper.
 2. Clean each KraftyBlok™ inside and out and dry completely. Place an Original KraftyBlok™ flat on the work surface with the opening at the top. Now, place a KraftyBlok™ Mini on the same work surface, flat with the opening at the bottom.
3. Choose two black glass gems of similar size for each of your mummy’s eyes. Next, choose 5 – 6 wiggles for each mouth.
4. Place the eyes 1/4” of the way down from the top of the block. Then arrange the wiggles 1/4” of the way up from the bottom of the block to form a smile.
5. Once you have them positioned to your liking, glue the gems and wiggles in place with E-6000® and allow one hour to dry, meanwhile, cut the muslin into 1” strips.
6. Add pupils and iris to both eyes, using the photo as a guide. Allow drying.
7. To decoupage each block, lightly coat the front with a decoupage medium. Apply 1” strips around the eyes and smile. Don’t cover them up; they should appear to be peeking out of the wrappings.
8. Stand each KraftyBlok™ up and continue adding decoupage medium and strips of muslin to the glass surface, angling and overlapping strips to achieve a realistic mummy look.
9. To add hair to the larger mummy, cut two 9” strips of muslin. Using a pair of scissors, create a fringe one side by cutting 1/2” slits, 1/4” apart on one side.
10. Add decoupage medium to the top of the large KraftyBlok™ and apply the fringe uncut edge down to the top of the block. Do not apply medium to the fringe.
11. Using a craft knife cut away any loose cloth that may be covering the openings of both KraftyBlok’s™.
12. Once dry, place each KraftyBlok™ in a stand. Fill the larger mummy with yummy Halloween treats and place a string of lights or a lightbulb with 6” cord in the opening of the smaller KraftyBlok™ mummy.


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