Handmade Holidays

Colorful Copper Patterned Ornaments

March 19, 2018

Colorful Copper Patterned Ornaments   by Lauren DiSanza size: 2 ½” Round each   Add bold color and shine to your Christmas tree!   Materials 1 package Studio Pro 3/8” Copper Foil 4 - 2 ½” Round Glass Ornaments Assorted acrylic paints (we used CraftsmartHoliday Red and Campground and Delta CeramcoatForest Green and Leaf Green) Copper wire 14G (optional) or premade ornament hooks Tools Studio Pro Fid or craft stick ¼” Standard hole punch 5/16” hole punch Round Nose Plier (opti...

Fused Christmas Ornaments Project Guide

December 11, 2018

Materials: o FW999 Fuseworks Craft Kiln o K1013 3in Square Variety 7 Pack o K1033 3in Square White & Clear 7 Pack o FW962 Variety Stringers o FW960 Variety Frit o FW845 Dry Wheel Glass Cutter o 600LWFW Running Pliers o Fusing Glue o FW85335 Silver Art Bails o E6000 Adhesive o Red Ribbon o Kiln Paper o FW702 Safety Glasses o FW846 Hot Mitts o Sharpie Marker First things first: o Protect you working surface with newspaper for easy cleanup when cutting glass. o You can neve...