Christmas Tree KraftyBlok Luminary

March 19, 2018

Materials • KraftyBlok -Original • KraftyBlok Stand - Original • 1 package of Jennifer’s Mosaics Red Cathedral Stained Glass Chips • 1 package of Jennifer’s Mosaics Green Cathedral Stained Glass Chips • 1 package of Jennifer’s Mosaics Purple Cathedral Stained Glass Chips • String of White Twinkle lights   Tools • Jennifer’s Mosaics Wheeled Glass Nippers • E-6000Glue or a clear silicone   Basic Supplies Newspaper, scissors, permanent marker, ruler   Instructions 1. Remove the l...

DIY Holiday Krafty Block

March 19, 2018

KraftyBlok Christmas Projects   Project 1: Let’s Be Merry Block   Materials One KraftyBlok Rectangle One 5-inch Strand of LED Lights 5-inch Strand of Small Festive Garland 4-6 Small Ornaments One Festive Vinyl “Let’s Be Merry” Sticker or a sticker of your choice. Decorative Ribbon Scissors Optional: Extension Cord   Be Safe! - Use a strand of LED lights instead of regular Christmas Lights. They are much safer and produce less heat. Let’s get started 1. Wrap garland around th...

KraftyBlok Terrarium

August 21, 2018

Terrariums are a beautiful addition to any home or office décor. A terrarium is usually a sealable glass container containing soil and plants. However, not everybody has a green thumb, and this is an easy way to keep plants around without the maintenance. Materials  GBLOCKS112 KraftyBlok Mini  3/4 cup of Pebble Rocks  Faux Succulent Plants  Wire cutters  Optional: 679787 Small KraftyBlok Stand Let’s get started 1. Remove label and clean your KraftyBlok. 2. Remove lid and pou...