Christmas Tree KraftyBlok Luminary

March 19, 2018

Materials • KraftyBlok™ -Original • KraftyBlok™ Stand - Original • 1 package of Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Red Cathedral Stained Glass Chips • 1 package of Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Green Cathedral Stained Glass Chips • 1 package of Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Purple Cathedral Stained Glass Chips • String of White Twinkle lights   Tools • Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Wheeled Glass Nippers • E-6000® Glue or a clear silicone   Basic Supplies Newspaper, scissors, permanent marker, ruler   Instructions 1. Remo...

Let It Snow KraftyBlok Lightbox

March 19, 2018

Materials • 4” x 8” KrafyBlok™ • Silver Glitter Paint Writer • 8 - 1” Glitter Snowflakes • Holiday Ribbon • String of Holiday Lights (50 strand) White or Clear • 2’ red garland   Tools • Aleene’s Tacky Glue • Hot glue gun and glue sticks   Project Tips • For a Chanukah light box, use white lights, blue garland and a blue and white wired ribbon. Use glass paints and/or pens to write Happy Chanukah or to draw 9 colorful candles to the front of the KraftyBlok.    Instructions 1...

KraftyBlok Terrarium

August 21, 2018

Terrariums are a beautiful addition to any home or office décor. A terrarium is usually a sealable glass container containing soil and plants. However, not everybody has a green thumb, and this is an easy way to keep plants around without the maintenance. Materials  GBLOCKS112 KraftyBlok Mini  3/4 cup of Pebble Rocks  Faux Succulent Plants  Wire cutters  Optional: 679787 Small KraftyBlok Stand Let’s get started 1. Remove label and clean your KraftyBlok™. 2. Remove lid...