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A Touch of Glass Scrapbook Cover
Stained Glass Pre-Cuts are made of authentic opalescent stained glass and have colorful swirls and streaks. Use precuts alone or with coordinating Stained Glass Chips for heirloom quality crafts.
Basic Supplies List:
 PVA (polyvinyl acetate) glue or glass glue
 Craft Knife or Scissors
 Stained Glass Chips and Pre-Cuts (shown: Frog)
 Ruler and pencil
 Glue stick
 8” x 6” scrapbook
 Decorative papers
Create a small frame for the scrapbook cover. Cut decorative paper into a 5” x 4¼” rectangle. Measure to find the center of the frame and scrapbook cover. Mark centers with a pencil. Using a glue stick, adhere a favorite picture to the center of the frame. Next, apply glue stick to the back of the finished picture frame. Match center marks of frame and scrapbook cover and press frame firmly to adhere.
To make a title bar, cut desired shape from paper. Layer colored papers as shown, glue and let dry. Using gel or glitter pens, write title on bar. Decorate title bar with stickers, circles or flower punches. Glue title bar to scrapbook cover.
Next, remove precut from packaging. Clean glass with glass cleaner. Arrange precut glass pieces on the scrapbook cover, see photo for placement ideas. Apply a small amount of glue to the back of each glass piece and firmly press onto the scrapbook. Allow glue to dry according to package directions.


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