Fall Wine Charms

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Studio Pro™


Rustic Wine Bottle Stopper and Wine Charms
By Lauren DiSanza
SKILL LEVEL: 1 (1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult)
• The less you move an unfinished project, the less likely you are to have damage.

• 1 pack 2”x2” Studio Pro™ Square Bevels (available at Hobby Lobby)
• 1 pack 1”x1” Studio Pro™ Square Bevels (available at Hobby Lobby)
• Studio Pro™ 1/4” Copper Foil
• Studio Pro™ 2 Pack Fid (or craft stick or pencil)
• Assorted Ribbon (we used red and white)
• Light Brown or Cream colored cardstock
• Tim Holtz® Adirondack® Alcohol Inks Farmer’s Market Kit & Brush
• 1 pack of Fuseworks™ Wine Charms
• 1 Fuseworks™ Round Bottle Stopper
• Mod Podge® & Brush
• Scissors
• E-6000® Adhesive
1. Cover your work surface with kraft paper or newspaper.
2. Thoroughly clean the bevels and dry with a lint free cloth.
3. Lightly trace the pattern provided onto light brown or cream colored cardstock. You can also draw your own design or use holiday cards, vintage clipart or scrapbook paper. 4. f using the provided pattern, use a paintbrush and lightly apply alcohol inks to the pattern, we used Tim Holtz® Adirondack® Alcohol Inks Farmer’s Market Kit.
5. Cut the shape from paper using a scissors to fit a 2”x2” and 1”x1” square bevel.
6. Use Mod Podge® to adhere images face-down to the back of each bevel. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best application and allowing each layer to dry thoroughly before adding the next layer.
7. While drying, cut one 8 ½” and two 4 ½” strips of copper foil tape. Tape each length of foil tape down on top of newspaper. Lightly coat each with alcohol inks to match each bevel. Blend the colors until you are satisfied with the look, allow to dry.
8. When the bevels and copper tape are dry, clean the beveled side with alcohol to remove any extra Mod Podge®.
9. Peel 1” of the backing from the foil tape. Center the edge of your bevel on the sticky side of the foil. Wrap the entire outer edges of the bevel with foil, overlapping the end by ¼”.
10. Use a fid or craft stick to gently burnish (rub) the surface of the foil to the edge
11. of the glass. Press firmly, however too much pressure may cause the foil to tear.
12. This will remove some of the alcohol inks, resulting in a worn or antiqued look.
13. Glue each 1”x1” bevel onto a wine charm and the 2”x2” bevel onto the Round Bottle Stopper surface.


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