Little Bloomin Nightlight

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Little Bloomin’ Night Light
 DESIGNED BY: Rita Schwab
 SKILL LEVEL: (Adult 1-5 1 being the easiest, 5 being difficult) 1
 TIME TO COMPLETE: 2 hours + dry time
→PROJECT TIP: Cut stained glass chips over or into a bucket or bowl to reduce straying shards.
 • 1 Bag each Jennifer’s Mosaic™ Stained Glass Chips: Variety
 • Jennifer’s Mosaics™ White Grout
• KraftyBlok Mini
• Jennifer’s Mosaics™ Wheeled Glass Nippers  
• Scissors
• Mosaic Glue
• Disposable cup and plastic spoon
• Paper Towels
• Measuring Cup
• Sponge or Scrubby
Optional: KraftyBlok Stand
 Step 1 - Preparation
1. Cover work area with newspaper and place KraftyBlok Mini on top of newspaper. Position block so the stopper is at the bottom of the project.
 2. Make a copy of the pattern and place it nearby the project to use as a reference.
Step 2 – Nip Glass
1. Nip light green chips in half, and then nip each half once more lengthwise. This should create four thin rectangles which will be used for the long blades of grass.
2. Next, nip dark green chips in half, nip each piece in half again vertically to make four squares. These will be the shorter grass blades.
3. Start at the bottom of the KraftyBlok and place the glass alternating different size chips. Leave at least 1/8” between glass pieces. See pattern for placement suggestions.
4. For flower stems, nip thin rectangles from a dark green chip. Remember irregular shaped glass is the hallmark of a mosaic; don’t worry about cutting pieces exactly the same. Position stems on KraftyBlok and glue into place.
5. To create the leaves use a Sharpie™ marker and draw a leaf shape on a single chip. Nip away at the chip until you reach the outline of the leaf. Position leaves on KraftyBlok and glue into place.
6. For the center of the flowers, use a marker and draw a small ¼” circle on three yellow chips. Use wheeled glass nippers and bite away at the edges of the glass until you reach the outline of the circle. Position at the top of each stem and glue into place.
7. For the flower pedals, measure and mark ¼” in from the corner of one side of a blue chip. Use a marker and draw a line from the ¼” mark to the opposite corner of the chip. Nip chip along the line. Repeat this process for all pink and blue flower pedals. Arrange pedals on block to form flowers and glue into place.
8. Fill in the area around the flowers and grass by randomly nipping white and dark blue chips. Leave 1/8” between all glass pieces, glue into position.

Step 3 – Grouting

1. Measure 1/3 cup of Jennifer’s Mosaic White Grout following the manufacturer’s directions. Add water a little bit at a time until it reaches a fudgy consistency.
2. Wearing a latex glove, spread grout on to the surface of the KraftyBlok making sure that grout is pressed into all the spaces between the glass pieces. Wait about 15 minutes for grout to set.
3. Gently wipe away excess grout using a scrubby, taking care not to pull away grout from between glass pieces. It is very important to remove any grout on tile surfaces before grout is completely dry.
4. Use a soft cloth to buff glass to a clean shine. Allow 24 hours for mosaic piece to dry thoroughly.
 Step 4 – Lighting
1. Remove the stopper from the bottom of the KraftyBlok. Use a scissors and cut a slit from the edge of the stopper to the center hole.
2. Insert a string of white holiday lights into the KraftyBlok. Slide light cord through the slot to the center hole and position stopper back into place.
3. If using a KraftyBlok Stand, insert a single bulb with cord into the bottom of the stand and place finished project on to stand.
4. Plug in and enjoy!
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