Oriental Garden

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Oriental Garden
BY: Jeanne Baruth
SKILL LEVEL: 3 (1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult)
TIME TO COMPLETE: 3 hours (does not include drying or baking time)
→PROJECT TIP • Read all of the KraftyBlok™ Image Art™ instructions before starting your project. • This project requires the use of a laser printer.

• Laser Color Printer
• KraftyBlok™ Original
• KraftyBlok™ Image Art™ Paper
• Garden Image
• Lint Free Cloth or Paper Towels
• Bowl for water
• Scissors
• Small Pebbles
• Potting Soil
• Long Tweezers or Chop Sticks
• Assorted Plants
• Glass Cleaner
1. Copy and re-size the image to 6” x 6” using any software that allows you to manipulate and print images.
2. Set up your printer per the instructions on the KraftyBlok™ Image Art™ packaging.
3. Follow printers’ instructions and print transfer. Allow transfer to set 10 to 15 minutes to dry, trim decal to size.
4. Remove the stopper from your KraftyBlok™, clean with glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth.
5. Place transfer in a bowl of water and wait approximately 1 minute.
6. Lay the KraftyBlok™ flat on your work area with the opening at the top. Slightly moisten the face of the block. Position the transfer above the surface; roll a 1/2” of the backing paper away from the top layer of the Image Art™ transfer (the decal). Line up the Image Art™ transfer on the surface. Take extra care when sliding the image as they are delicate and can tear. Gently slide the Image Art™ transfer from the backing paper onto the surface. Use your fingers to smooth the transfer as you peel away from the backing paper.
7. Gently pat and smooth the Image Art™ transfer with a moist paper towel, eliminating air pockets and wrinkles.
8. Allow to dry 2 hours.
9. To permanently set the transfer, preheat conventional oven to 345°F. Place the KraftyBlok™ on a baking rack Image Art transfer up. Bake for 15 minutes. Turn off oven, prop door slightly, and allow to rest for 20 minutes.
10. Remove with hot mitts and let the block completely cool.
11. Hand wash using water, dry with a lint-free cloth.
12. Pour approximately 1/2 “ of small pebbles into the block for drainage. Fill to proper height with a well-draining potting soil. Insert small plants with long tweezers or chopsticks. Water lightly (3 or 4 ounces).
13. Neglect It! Water lightly only after it gets dry once every few weeks, depending on conditions. NEVER OVERWATER! Place in a bright area, but not in direct sunlight. You should have enough light to read by. When plant gets as big as you want, pinch off the newest growth to encourage bushier growth. Then Enjoy! Try adding embellishments as shown in the photo. The Oriental Garden is a delicate balance between earth and water. This peaceful garden includes an authentic Geisha on white fused glass. Fused glass dichroic rounds are used to represent gazing globes. Giving this oriental garden that Feng Shui feel of the “perfect spot” to view beauty and relax. See Fuseworks™ Orient Decals and fusing glass on www.diamondtechcrafts .com.


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