Painted KraftBlok

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Painted KraftyBlok™
DESIGNED BY: Dayton Allen
SKILL LEVEL: (Adult 1-5: 1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult) The skill level and time to complete will vary depending on the picture you choose to paint. 1 - Preparing the block
→PROJECT TIP: Clean and dry the KraftyBlok™ very well prior to applying the paint.
 KraftyBlok™ Original
Assorted Acrylic Paints
Assorted Paint Brushes
Paint Pallet
Water Cup
Glass Cleaner  
Paper Towels
Painters Tape
Matte Acrylic Fixative Spray
1. Completely read these directions before starting. Cover your work area with newspaper to protect work surface. Collect and place all supplies needed on your work surface.
2. Clean the KraftyBlok™ with a glass cleaner. Dry completely with paper towel.
3. Chose an image you wish to paint on the block. For inspiration, use a photograph, an illustration, or your own creative idea.
4. Select the acrylic paint colors necessary to paint your chosen image. Craft acrylics are affordable and come in a large variety of colors.
5. Have your brushes cleaned and ready – have your water cup filled in order to clean brushes while painting.
6. Use painter’s tape and mask off the paintable area of your KraftyBlok™. This will create a clean, crisp border separating your painted area from the rest of the glass block. 7. Remember you are painting on glass, a non-porus surface. Therefore, paint will not be absorbed. As a result, you will need to paint in layers and allow sufficient time for each layer to dry. Use water a bit more sparingly when painting on glass, too much water and the base, layers will begin to breakdown. There is no one basic rule to painting – everyone has his or her own style. Have fun!
8. When finished, allow to dry 24 hrs.
9. Follow manufacturer’s instructions. Seal your masterpiece with a matte finish, acrylic fixative spray. Allow to dry. Carefully and slowly, remove the painters tape from the KraftyBlok™ surface, making sure not to remove parts of your painting.
10. Clean and polish your painted block and display!


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