TIC TAC TOE Memo Board

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My Tile Kit


TIC TAC TOE Memo Board A My Tile Project
Memo Board - This fun and easy project will keep your kids' room nice and tidy. The X and O magnetic glass pebbles can be used for a game of tic-tac-toe or to hold up special messages like, “clean your room!”
DESIGNED BY: Jeanne Baruth
SKILL LEVEL: (Adult 1-5: 1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult) 2
TIME TO COMPLETE: 3 hours (does not include dry or bake time)
· Read all of the My Tile Kit instructions before starting your project.
· This project requires the use of a laser printer, not an inkjet.
· For the most economical use of the KrafyBlok Image Art™ included with the My Tile Kit, fill the entire page with images before printing.
· PLEASE NOTE- when using words on the underside of glass tile, either flip the image to reverse the words before printing or use the mirror printing option on your printer to print the words in reverse.

My Tile Kit - Pebbles Scrapbook Paper (pink, green and white heart print)
 Jeweled Headed Paper Clips (found in scrapbooking supplies)
Ric Rac (pink)
Magnet Sheets (self-adhesive type that can be cut)
12-inch x 12-inch Scrapbook Frame or Wooden Tray
Apple Barrel Limeade Paintbrush Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Two-Sided Tape
 Tin Snips
Sheet Metal (smaller pieces can be found hardware stores) 
Picture Hanging Bracket
Cup Hooks

1. Using the images provided or choose your own favorite images, scan, and resize to 1” circles. Use any software on your computer that allows you to manipulate and print images.
2. Set up your printer per the instructions in the My Tile Kits™.
3. Follow printers’ instructions and print transfer. Allow transfer to set 10 to 15 minutes to dry.
4. Place transfer in a bowl of water for approximately 30 seconds
5. Slightly moisten the back of the gem, the flat side, with water. Remove transfer from the water and line up the transfer on the surface. Gently slide the transfer from the backing paper onto the surface. Use a finger to smooth the decal as you slide away the backing. Please note transfers are fragile and can tear, handle with care.
6. Gently pat and smooth the transfer with a moist paper towel, eliminating air pockets and wrinkles. Allow to dry overnight with transfer facing up.
7. Once dry, permanently set the transfer by preheating a conventional oven to 345°F. Place the tile on a baking rack with the transfer facing up. Bake for 15 minutes. Turn off oven, prop door open slightly, and allow the oven the tile to cool for 20 minutes. Remove from oven.
8. Paint the transfer side with white acrylic paint and allow drying. Once dry cut magnets to size for each pebble. Place the adhesive side against the white paint, press tightly into place.
9. If your tray is not primed, we suggest doing so using a white paint and allow drying. Apply a second coat of Apple Barrel Limeade for color. Allow sufficient time to dry according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.
10. To create a template, place wooden tray on a piece of paper and trace around the perimeter using a pencil. Cut out template with scissors. Place the template inside the tray, press into the corners and trim away excess for a nice fit. Use the template to cut a decorative insert from scrapbook paper.
11. To create the magnetic board, trace the template onto a sheet of metal. Cut using tin snips. Be careful, edges of the metal can become sharp after cutting. A metal fingernail file will remove any burs. Hot glue metal into tray.
12. Use two-sided tape along the outer edge of the decorative paper and on strip in the center, press paper tape side down onto the metal surface.
13. Hot glue pink rickrack around the edge of the tray as shown in photo. Add rhinestone and other embellishments as desired.
14. Screw several cup hooks across the bottom to hold keys and other accessories. Glue colorful paperclips along the side for notes.
15. Once you affix a picture hanger bracket to back of tray you are ready to display your memo board.


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