More Fun Projects

Beaded Votives

March 20, 2018

BY: Rita Schwab SKILL LEVEL: 4 (1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult) TIME TO COMPLETE: 4 hours MATERIALS CHECKLIST • 3 – 7oz bottles (I used Little Kings Beer Bottles) • Studio Pro ¼” Copper Foil • Silver plated wire • 6 silver head pins • Assorted beads • Craft Stick or Fid • Flux brush • Flux • 60/40 Solder TOOLS • Generation Green (g2 ) Bottle Cutter • Soldering Iron • Soldering Iron Stand (optional) • Needle-nose Pliers BASIC SUPPLIES Ruler, Sharpie or mar...

Fall Friends Votive

March 20, 2018

Fall Friends Votive A Clear Glass Crafting Tile Project  DESIGNED BY: Jeanne Baruth SKILL LEVEL: (Adult 1-5: 1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult) 2 TIME TO COMPLETE: 3 hours – not including drying or baking time. →PROJECT TIP: Read all of the KraftyBlok Image Art™ instructions before starting your project. This project requires the use of a laser printer, not an inkjet. For the most economical use of the KrafyBlok Image Art™, fill the entire page with images before printing. Remin...