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Mosaic Pumpkins Project Guide

March 19, 2018

Makes 1 Pumpkin Materials Needed for Project: 1 Artificial Carvable Pumpkin 16oz Tile of your choice Glue Wheeled Glass Nippers Xacto Knife 1lb of Sanded or premixed Grout Colorant color of your choice Stirring Stick SpongeBucket for mixing Paper Towels Water Newspaper Measuring Cup Latex Free Gloves Safety Goggles Dust Mask Paint color of your choice LED Candle Mosaic Tips: - Outdoor temperature as well as water temperature can affect grout setting time; chilly condi...

Celestial Mosaic Cobblestones Coasters Project Guide

March 19, 2018

Project Tips: • Never dispose of indoor cement down the drain. • Create coasters one at a time or all together. • Jennifer’s Mosaics Indoor Cement sets in about an hour. Materials Checklist: • 1 Round Coaster Mold (use more than one, to speed the time of the project) • 1 package Mosaic Dots • 1 - 2 LB Container Jennifer's Mosaics™ Indoor Cement • Black Colorant • Petroleum jelly • Latex or nitrile glove • Paper towels • Newspaper or kraft paper • Water • Disposable cup Inst...

Patriotic Mosaic Wreath Project Guide

June 28, 2018

Mosaic Patriotic Wreath Create a custom wreath for the holidays or to hang all year round! This project is perfect for mosaic beginners because it requires no nipping. The hardest part is waiting for it to dry! 16" www.diamondtechcrafts.com MATERIALS FloraCraft Foam Wreath, 2”x15¾”x2 13/16” Diamond Tech Cobblestones: Brights, 2 pkgs; Lights, 2 pkgs. Diamond Tech Cobblestone Tiles: Brights, 2 pkgs; Lights, 2 pkgs. Jennifer Mosaics White Grout, 1-2 lb container Ribbon, 2 yards TOOLS ...