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Stained Glass


Directions for the creation of the 10 inch stained glass circle. (please read all directions before beginning)
• Trace a copy of the design for a base to work on. Tape that copy to a flat surface.
• Trace a copy of the design onto tag board to cut pattern pieces.
• Draw around pattern pieces, with an ultra-fine point permanent marker, on glass that corresponds to the pattern.
• Cut and grind glass to fit. Pay special attention to the outside curve edges.
• Wrap each piece of glass in copper foil.
• When all of the front side of the glass is cut, wrapped, and placed, tack solder in various places to hold the proper shape. Then finish solder, leaving ¼ inch bare all around the outside edge. Wash and dry.
• Cut, grind and tape the back three pieces. Lightly solder the outside edge of each piece. Wash and dry.
• Turn the main piece over and place the three back pieces in the appropriate places. Lightly tack solder in the places where the seams meet. Wash and dry whole piece carefully.
• Wrap and fit ¼ inch U came around the outside edge. Tack solder where it crosses all lines. Clean whole piece gently with 0000 steel wool.
• Wash with mild detergent and water and dry whole piece. Remove traces of water between layers of glass by inserting small pieces of paper towel. Polish piece with finishing compound or other light wax.
Glass used for this piece: Spectrum Glass
• 3 inch clear, beveled circle
• Clear waterglass - iridescent - #8, 9, 10.
• Light purple waterglass - #1, 3, 6.
• Pale purple cathedral - #2, 4, 5, 7.
• For the back - pale purple waterglass - #11, 12, 13.


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