Stained Glass

Easter Egg Hunt Stained Glass Panel Free Project Guide

March 19, 2018

Project Tips   Before you begin, find a place to work that has great ventilation where you can open a window and use a fan.   An area safe from children and pets is recommended.   The less you move an unfinished project, the less likely you are to have damage.   Here’s a great place to be creative! For the Easter eggs, use various colors and styles of art glass. Fused glass, embellished with stringers and frit, make great decorated Easter eggs. Fusing is the process of heating two or ...

Easter Egg Bunting Project Guide

March 19, 2019

Put a fun twist on a decorating classic and try an exciting new craft. The bright colors are perfect for Spring and the subtle streaks of the stained glass give these Easter Eggs a dip dyed look. Materials 675LF Lead-Free Solder 678 3/8” Copper Foil 675FLUX Liquid Safety Flux 675OIL Cutting Oil Finishing Compound (optional) 3/8” White Ribbon 16 – 7/16” Pre-Tinned Jump Rings 1 Sheet Each Studio Pro™ 91502 Raspberry/Cream, 9262 Grape/White, 9982 Light Green, ...