4x4 Square Bevel Bulk

MSRP $9.50
Item #B101
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  • Bevels are made of crystal clear glass. Perfect for etching, decoupage, stenciling and transfers.
  • Edges have a 45° angle.
  • Beveled edge refracts light into a rainbow of colors -- both inside the glass, and onto surrounding surfaces.
  • Use bevels in suncatchers, jewelry, picture frames, candlesticks, boxes and much more!
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Beveled glass provides lasting beauty for the discriminating craft and hobby enthusiast. Multi-facet, transparent glass bevel give any project a unique identity and a heirloom quality. Mix and match components to create amazing projects.

Bulk product contains 6 Bevels, not packaged for retail.

Weight: 1.7 lbs
UPC: 79436600105-5

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4x4 Square Bevel Bulk

MSRP $9.50 Studio Pro Item #B101

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