Precision 2000 Mosaic Table Project

Item #: FPG0004P

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• Add a pop of color with a stunning mosaic table!


Project Tips:
• This pattern is designed for all tables round, square or rectangular. Simply center the pattern and use the stained glass chips as the border.
• Please read and follow all directions carefully. When working with glass, protect your feet and legs by wearing pants and closed toe shoes. Eye protection is essential.

• 1 Sheet of each Studio Pro Stained Glass: G2180 Light Blue Wisp, G3233G Grass Green
• 4 – 5oz pkg of Jennifer’s Mosaic White Stained Glass Chips
• 2 – 5oz pkg of Jennifer’s Mosaic Yellow Stained Glass Chips
• 1– 5oz pkg of Jennifer’s Mosaic Blue Stained Glass Chips
• 19” Round Table
• Precision 2000 Hobby Saw
• Mosaic Adhesive or E6000
• 1 lb Jennifer’s Mosaics Bone Grout

1. Make a duplicate copy of the pattern; this copy will be used later on in
the project.
2. Determine the center of the table and the center of the pattern, mark each with a pencil. Align the pattern with the center of the table. Tape pattern to the table. Slide several pieces of carbon paper underneath the pattern. Using a pencil or pen, trace over the pattern lines, creating the pattern outline on the surface of the table.  
3. Mark direction of glass onto pattern copy. The color or texture of your stained glass will determine the direction of your glass, which will enhance your mosaic if used correctly.
4. Using the second pattern, cut out the Morning Glory pattern. If you are not using mosaic shears, cut along the inside of the flower and leaf pattern outlines.
5. Cut the 12 x 12 pieces of blue and green glass in half. Stack them so that the grain of the glass is flowing in the same direction and the smooth side of the glass is facing up. Apply a glue stick adhesive between each layer of glass to hold them in place.
6. Using a Sharpie® marker, trace the flower pattern pieces on the blue glass and the leaf pattern on the green glass.
7. Set the Precision 2000 band saw up for wet cuts. Follow the Operations Manual to install the diamond blade. Cut pattern pieces from the stacked glass, saving time. Using a band saw will leave your pieces smooth, so there will be no need for grinding.
8. After each pattern piece is cut, separate glass and clean each piece.
9. Place the pieces, smooth side up on the table surface following the pattern.
10. When all pieces are in place, glue flowers and leaves to the table surface using mosaic adhesive.
11. Starting ¼” in from the outer edge of the table, glue whole yellow stained glass chips in a row around the perimeter. Working your way towards the center, glue a row of whole white stained glass chips then a row of blue stained glass chips. Nip if necessary to fit.
12. Next, nip white stained glass chips into random sized pieces and fill the background around the centered morning glory clusters and the outer border. Randomly glue a few nipped yellow stained glass chips in the background for contrast and interest to the mosaic.
13. Allow adhesive to dry following the manufacturer’s instructions.
14. Place grout in a mixing bowl and slowly add water. When the grout appears to be the consistency of brownie mix, it is ready to apply.
15. Using a gloved hand to spread the grout on the surface of the table, pushing it into the spaces between the glass pieces.
16. Remove excess grout. Clean off any grout on the wrought iron table band. Let grout dry.
17. Buff glass clean.



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