Swirls & Twirls Suncatcher

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Studio Pro™

Jennifer’s Mosaics™


Swirls and Twirls Sun catcher
Lauren DiSanza
SKILL LEVEL: 3 (1 being the easiest, 5 being most difficult)

• Work in a well-ventilated area.
• Clean glass the natural way with a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water
• 1 pack 3x3 Studio Pro Bevels
• 1 pack 1 ½ x 1 ½ Studio Pro Bevels
• 1 pack 1x1 Studio Pro Bevels
• Jennifer’s Mosaics Small Red Glass Gems
• 14 or 16 Gauge Tinned Copper Wire
• Studio Pro Soldering Iron with tip
• Studio Pro 60/40 Solder
• Studio Pro 7/32” Black Backed Copper Foil
• Studio Pro Safety Flux
• Studio Pro Flux Brush (or a cotton swab)
• Studio Pro 2 Pack Fid (or craft stick or pencil)
• Long Tweezers
• Safety Goggles
• Heat Resistant Board
1. Clean all five bevels and four glass gems with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Dry with a lint-free cloth.
2. Start with 7/32”, 1.5 ml thick copper foil. Peel back 2”-3” of backing from the foil, hold glass with the edge toward you, and apply foil to the edge of the glass so that it extends evenly over both sides of the glass.
3. Fold or crimp foil over edges making sure to fold corners neat and flat. Burnish (rub) foil using fid or a wooden craft stick. Press foil flat against glass on the outside edge first, then both sides of the glass. Don’t scrub as you may rip the foil. Foil all bevels and place them on a heat resistant surface for soldering.
4. To foil gems, first use an emery board or file to rub a small band around the bottom edge of each glass nugget. This will allow the foil to stick better. Wrap each glass gem with the foil and burnish to adhere foil to the back of each glass gem.
5. Use solid core 60/40 solder for best results with foil. Before soldering, Place bevels and gems on the pattern below. Tape to hold them in place. Avoid placing tape in the corners. Remove the pattern keeping the bevels in tack.
6. Tack solder at seam intersections by placing a small amount of flux on the intersecting seams then holding the iron above project and allow solder to drop onto the project where fluxed.
7. Once tack soldered into place remove tape and completely solder seams by holding iron tip on the foil, perpendicular to the seam. Feed or push the solder into the tip as you move along the foiled seam.
8. When the seams have all been soldered, use the long tweezers to flip the piece over. REMEMBER SEAMS ARE HOT! Apply flux and solder the seams at the back of the project.
9. Holding the gem with long tweezers flux and tin the edges. To tin, apply flux and a thin layer of solder to the foil. Repeat for each gem.
10. Place gems in its corresponding place as shown in the pattern, add a small amount of flux and solder the gems to the suncatcher.
11. Using round-nose pliers twist the 16 or 14 gauge wire to form the swirls using the pattern as a guide.
12. Lay the sun catcher flat, align the swirls next to the sun catcher, flux and tack solder. Flip over and secure the other side in the same fashion.
13. Wash thoroughly using warm water, soap and a soft brush. Clean both sides then rinse well and dry. 
14. Optional: Add black or copper patina following manufacturer’s instructions. For a more personal project, etch initials into the center of the larger bevel.


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