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  • 3" mirrored square flat 3 pcs on card stacked

3" Mirrored Square Flat 3 Pcs On Card Stacked

By: Studio Pro

Item #: BSM03

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Bevels are made of crystal clear glass. Perfect for etching, decoupage, stenciling and transfers.

Edges have a 45° angle.

Beveled edge refracts light into a rainbow of colors -- both inside the glass, and onto surrounding surfaces.

Use bevels in suncatchers, jewelry, picture frames, candlesticks, boxes and much more!


Beveled glass provides lasting beauty for the discriminating craft and hobby enthusiast. Multi-facet, transparent glass bevel give any project a unique identity and a heirloom quality. Mix and match components to create amazing projects.


Package Dimensions: 5.875 in x 7.5 in
Weight: 8.12 ounces
UPC: 79436620003-6


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